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Honey Lavender Twist n Loc

Honey Lavender Twist n Loc

8 oz Jar of Honey Lavender Twist n Loc
Ingredients: Honey, Citric Acid, Lavandula (Lavender) oil, Olea europalea (Olive) oil, Melaleuca (Tea Tree) Oil, Lemongrass Essitial, jojoba Oil
  • Directions

    Works best when hair is wet/damp. Comb thru new growth. Apply small amont to new growth and twist. Apply clips for a better hold. SIt Under Dryer for minimium of 20 mins or until hair is dry. 
    Remember a small amount goes a long way! FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY


    There are no returns or refunds due to the nature of these products.

Color: Brown
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